Immerse yourself in a supernatural series and use clues, objects, ciphers, and deduction to solve a murder mystery! Limited quantities available. Sign up to be notified of launch date and get yours before sellout.

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What Is Supernatural Mysteries?

Supernatural Mysteries is an immersive series delivered to your door monthly by the creators of The Best Horror Movies List and The Best Horror Movies Database app, experts in mystery and suspense. In a Supernatural Mysteries experience, you will use clues, objects, ciphers and deduction to solve a murder mystery and catch an elusive serial killer.

How Does This Work?

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1. Subscribe for Membership

Get ready to embark on a tantalizing and addictive murder mystery that will tease your senses and expand your mind. As Hannibal Lecter would attest, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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2. The Box

Open your box and begin your detective work by exploring and connecting the clues, objects and ciphers.

supernatural subscription box

3. The Experience

Now, you are the detective you always wanted to be. Sift through the clues that you receive monthly, draw conclusions and catch the killer. For hours of entertainment alone or with a group of friends.

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